The Nexsan Assureon® archive storage system is ideal for storing data which will never change, such as x-rays, MRIs, business contracts, reference materials and photographs that need to be retained securely for decades and which need to be instantly available. Assureon is commonly used to offload expensive primary storage of non-changing data to free it up and shrink the backup burden. The multi-tenant architecture and ultimate AES-256 based security make the Assureon an ideal choice for private and public cloud-based archive projects worldwide. AutoMAID® power management can reduce power and cooling by up to 85% when disks are not being accessed. Single pane of glass management makes it easy to create data retention rules and to apply them to files and folders. Assureon requires no special APIs to be used, and is non-disruptive to users or existing applications. Multi-tenancy features allow service providers to offer archive as a service

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Whether you're looking to extend and stretch your IT capital budgets or simply locate equipment no longer available new, Market Network Solutions is positioned to exceed your expectations. We manage one of the most comprehensive inventories and broker networks of network equipment in the world.



All Market Network Solutions refurbished equipment must pass a thorough 20-point inspection, upgrade and certification checklist before shipping to clients. The certification includes a detailed process to ensure the electronics, connectivity ports, memory configuration, firmware/software and electrical components meet Market Network Solutions strict standards.