Riverbed Steelhead

Refurbished Riverbed Steelhead WAN optimization appliances accelerate the transfer of data and applications over the Internet and wide area networks. Whether it’s a branch office, data center, virtual environment, or the cloud, the used Riverbed Steelhead is designed for scalable performance, optimization and consolidation to support the increased number of users, devices, and data centers.

All of our Riverbed Steelhead WAN optimization appliances undergo a rigorous and thorough testing process. Each unit is inspected inside and out for function and fitness and cleaned prior to initial power up.

The machine is then configured in a combination of the command line interface (CLI) and the graphical user interface (GUI) where the in-path interfaces are configured, optimization services are enabled and the data store is cleared to ensure the appliance boots to the desired healthy status. All internal parts such as memory, disk drives and interfaces are confirmed to be original licensed Riverbed Steelhead parts.

The machine is reset to factory defaults and ready for the next user. Finally, the appliance is professionally packed with custom foam inserts and ships with all of the standard accessories including rack mounting hardware, RJ45 orange cross over, grey Ethernet cables, console cable and test documentation.

As always, any refurbished Riverbed Steelhead appliance purchased or leased from Market Network Solutions will come with our standard one year warranty from the date of delivery.


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All Market Network Solutions refurbished equipment must pass a thorough 20-point inspection, upgrade and certification checklist before shipping to clients. The certification includes a detailed process to ensure the electronics, connectivity ports, memory configuration, firmware/software and electrical components meet Market Network Solutions strict standards.