3520/3530 6GB SAS Arrays

3520/3530 6GB SAS Arrays

Category: Assured SAN 3000 Arrays
Manufacturer: Assured SAN 3000 Arrays

3520/3530 6GB SAS Arrays

Dual or single RAID controller,  Data of 6Gb/sec. SAS 2.0,  up to 7 expansion units per system,
support for SAS, SATA, solid state drives,  max 8 chassis, up to 144 2.5” drives,  264,000 measured IOPS


The Dot Hill 3520 and 3530 offer exceptional performance in direct attached storage environments, and 4 ports per controller. With 8 total SAS 2.0 ports these storage arrays offer exceptional performance – 6Gb over 4 lanes of SAS connections, for total throughput of 24Gb per SAS 2.0 connection. These can perform even faster than fibre channel alternatives, and are much easier to implement. Directly attaching storage to servers and workstations can answer an immediate storage need while avoiding the complexity of switched SAN environments.

Assured Data Protection
• AssuredSnap™ – 1000 snapshots
• AssuredCopy™ – 128 volume copies
Scalable Performance
• Dual or single RAID controller
• Data of 6Gb/sec. SAS 2.0
• up to 7 expansion units per system
• support for SAS, SATA, solid state drives
• max 8 chassis, up to 144 2.5” drives
• 264,000 measured IOPS
Built in Redundancy
• RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50
• Redundant, hot swap components
• Built-in schedule capability
Environmentally Responsible
• EcoStor™ Economically and
environmentally sound technologies
– SimulCache™ – Low latency cache mirroring
– Battery-free cache backup
– DC power option
– Drive-spin-down new!
• RoHS-6 and WEEE compliant
Rugged Chassis
NEBS Level 3 Compliant
MIL STD 810F Compliant ( Storage Requirements)
European Telco Compliant

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