DXi V1000

DXi V1000

DVi V1000 protects up to 2TB of customer data on any physical or virtual server


The DXi V1000 is a virtual appliance that combines the power of deduplication functionality with the simplicity and flexibility of virtual machines to provide affordable backup and DR protection for distributed sites, small businesses and cloud deployments.

Key Features and Benefits

•Protects up to 2TB of customer data on any physical or virtual server
•Seamless DR Protection – replicates to any other DXi appliance or cloud protection services
•Integrates easily with all leading backup software applications
•Easy, non-disruptive deployment
•Powerful deduplication for both virtual and physical servers centralizing protection to reduce costs and complexity
•Virtual appliance-based backup design eliminates agents and extra servers
•Using inline deduplication, can backup 2TB of data in 2.5 hours

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