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Manufacturer: E-Series


NetApp E2600 data storage systems can be custom-configured to meet demanding performance and capacity requirements.



                                          E2660                                   E2624                                   E2612

Maximum Raw Capacity 540TB 172TB 576TB
Maximum Disk Drives* 180 192 192
Form Factor 4U/60 drives 2U/24 drives 2U/12 drives
Drive Types Supported 3.5″ 7.2K SAS 2TB/3TB
2.5″ SSD 200GB/800GB
2.5″ 10K SAS 600GB/900GB
2.5″ SSD 200GB/800GB
3.5″ 7.2K SAS 2TB/3TB
3.5″ 15K SAS 600GB
Memory 4GB
Onboard I/O (4) 6Gb SAS
Optional I/O (4) 6Gb SAS
(8) 8Gb FC
(8) 1Gb iSCSI
(4) 10Gb iSCSI
Expansion Disk Shelves Supported—Drive Offerings DE6600 (4U/60 drives)—200GB/800GB SSD; 2TB/3TB 7.2K SAS
DE5600 (2U/24 drives)—200GB/800GB SSD; 600GB/900GB 10K SAS
DE1600 (2U/12 drives)—600GB 15K SAS; 2TB/3TB 7.2K SAS
OS Version SANtricity 10.83
High-Availability Features Dual-active controller with automated I/O path failover
Supports Dynamic Disk Pools and RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, and 10
Redundant, hot-swappable storage controllers, disk drives, power supplies, and cooling fans
Automatic drive failover and detection and rebuild using global hot spare drives
Mirrored data cache with battery backup and destage to flash
SANtricity Proactive Drive Health monitoring identifies problem drives before they create issues
SANtricity Persistent Monitor makes periodic copies of the storage system configuration
Operating Systems Supported Windows Server® 2008, Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Red Hat Enterprise Linux®,
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Apple® Mac® OS
Software Features Standard
SANtricity Dynamic Disk Pools
Dynamic Volume Expansion
Dynamic Capacity Expansion
Dynamic RAID Level Migration
Dynamic Segment Size Migration
Persistent Monitor
Proactive Drive Heath Monitoring
Nondisruptive Firmware Upgrades
Media Scan with Autoparity Check and Correction
Extended-Value Software:
SANtricity Drive Encryption
SANtricity Snapshot™
SANtricity Volume Copy
SANtricity Remote Mirroring

*Based on same form factor disk shelves. All models are capable of reaching 192 disk drives when configured with intermixed drive shelves.

Dimensions and Weight E2660 System Shelf
DE6600 Disk Shelf
E2624 System Shelf
DE5600 Disk Shelf
E2612 System Shelf
DE1600 Disk Shelf
Height 7.0″ (17.78 cm) 3.47″ (8.81 cm) 3.4″ (8.64 cm)
Width 19″ (48.26 cm) 19″ (48.26 cm) 19″ (48.26 cm)
Depth 32.5″ (82.55 cm) 19.6″ (49.78 cm) 21.75″ (55.25 cm)
Weight (max) 232 lb (105.2 kg) 57.32 lb (26 kg) 59.52 lb (27 kg)
Max Power and Cooling E2660 System Shelf E2624 System Shelf E2612 System Shelf
KVA 1.268 0.331 0.400
Watts 1,222 330 399
BTU 4,180 1,127 1,366
Max Power and Cooling DE6600 Disk Shelf DE5600 Disk Shelf DE1600 Disk Shelf
KVA 1.268 0.241 0.276
Watts 1,222 240 276
BTU 4,180 821 945


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