DXi6702 scales from 8TB to 80TB usable capacity in a single system


The DXi6702 deduplication solutions combine expanded capabilities, higher performance, and an even higher ROI. It’s deduplication without compromise.

Key Features and Benefits
•Broadest Scalability in the midrange-to-Enterprise class – Provides 8 to 80TB usable capacity, for users with growing data, or unsure of how much capacity they need. Upgrades are affordable and easy to install
•Highest Performance in its class – Provides up to 5.8TB/hour real performance, leveraging an in-line data flow, available for all leading backup applications.
•Multiple Interface Protocols – For users who need, or may need multiple protocols, the DXi6700 provides all interface options in every system from 8 to 80TB, providing future-proof support even for evolving architectures
•Superior Value – The DXi6701/DXi6702 set a new, lower price point and provides the best price-performance ratio in the market
•Unique Extensibility featuring the new DXi Accent Software – Free on the DXi6701/DXi6702 models, DXi Accent is the first distributed solution to support deduplicated backup over bandwidth-limited LANs and WANs and to provide built-in support for DR and long-term retention

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